WRCS, Inc.

WRCS Engineering Services

While surface water hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) are our only fields of practice, our diversity within these fields is unmatched. WRCS has project experience ranging from dam and channel design to the complex modeling of two-dimensional, time variant hydraulic systems. We have performed H&H environmental impact analyses, redefined FEMA floodplains and developed hydrologic and hydraulic design standards and for municipalities.

Dam-Break Model and Flood Profile

Here are some of the types of Engineering Design Projects and H&H Investigations WRCS engages in:

  • Hydrologic rainfall/runoff watershed simulations, including the derivation of various frequency pre- and post-project flood hydrographs.
  • Floodplain analyses and mapping, and preparation of FEMA requests for Letters of Map Revision (LOMR's and CLOMR's).
  • Design of channel stabilization measures, including linings, riprap and energy dissipation structures for erosion control.
  • Design of dams, channels, retention and sedimentation basins, culverts and bridge crossings with detailed analysis of inlets, outlets and hydraulic structures.
  • Hydraulic evaluation of wetlands and estuaries and development of mitigative measures for projects, such as incorporation of wetlands into flood control systems.
  • Analysis of Municipal Storm Drain Systems, including design performance and evaluation of operation and maintenance procedures.
  • Establishment of meteorologic and stream gaging stations and statistical evaluation of data for water supply yield and hydrologic flow regime determinations


Please see our Representative Projects listing for specific examples of past WRCS Projects.