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WRCS Capabilities in Water Resources Engineering

WRCS specializes in the analysis of water resources projects involving the hydraulic design of stormwater drainage, conveyance and detention facilities and studies of surface water hydrology and hydraulics, meteorology, sediment and debris production, and pipe system hydraulics. Our expertise covers the design, operation and maintenance of: dams and reservoirs, highway drainage systems, storm drains, natural and man-made channels, levees and embankments. We also have extensive experience in statistical analysis and hydrographic data management, water resources project alternative plan development, benefit/cost analysis and forensic flood re-creation under alternative scenarios.

Comparison of Flood Profiles Under Alternative Reservoir Operation Scenarios 

The Principal Engineer, Mr. Richard Van Bruggen, has over 40 years of engineering experience specializing in the use of systems engineering and modeling techniques to define and evaluate water resource systems and alternatives. He is licensed as a Registered Civil Engineer and has both B.S. and M.S. degrees from UCLA in Water Resources Engineering. He worked for the Los Angeles District of the Army Corps of Engineers for four years, where he was a Project Manager in the Engineering Division's Hydrology Section. As such, he conducted hydrology studies, developed and analyzed flood control project alternatives and, as part of the Reservoir Regulation Unit, gave real-time dam operation (gate opening) directives to dam keepers at over a dozen Federal dam projects in California and Arizona during flood events,. He has also worked as a Project Engineer for two prominent civil engineering consulting firms. He has, most recently, been the owner of WRCS for the past 32 years.
Mr. Van Bruggen

Mr. Van Bruggen has experience as an expert witness in cases ranging from the Standard of Care for the design of storm drain systems and operation of reservoir systems, to the forensic re-creation of storm and flood events, to the hydraulic factors leading to a wrongful death by drowning. He has performed hydraulic environmental impact analyses, redefined floodplains and developed storm drain master plans. If the project concerns surface water resources engineering, he probably has the capabilities.
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