Storm Drain Systems Expert Witnesses

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When a case requires and expert in storm drain system analysis, having a seasoned hydrologist can be the key to a comprehensive understanding of the case. At WRCS (Water Resources Consulting Services), we bring over 35 years of unparalleled expertise, offering top-tier professional witness services tailored to meet the unique demands of your case.

Storm Drain Systems:

WRCS has been modeling storm drain systems for over 30 years. We have worked with numerous storm drain hydraulics models, both one- and two-dimensional, for the analysis of these, sometimes expansive, sometimes highly complex, systems. Our advantage in having experience with so many of these storm drain system computer models is that we can use most pre-existing models for the storm drain system at hand and rerun them to look at “what if” scenarios pertinent to the case.

The highest concentration of flood damages occur in connection with urban flood control and storm drain systems. Storm drain systems are normally designed to provide a certain level of flood protection, e.g., 5-, 10-, 50-, or 100-year protection. Some systems, however, are undersized or under-maintained, as per their own intended level of protection and maintenance standards. And what about that “act of God” flood? Does it apply? We, here at WRCS, can tell you the answer to those questions.

Why Choose WRCS?

We exclusively work in litigation support (Expert Witness Hydrologist) and have done so for 35 years. We have municipal, commercial and professional clients across the U.S., Canada and Australia.

We pride ourselves on our company history of providing unbiased, non-conflicted testimony to both plaintiff and defendant clients.
We are dedicated to helping lawyers, law firms and insurance companies navigate the complex technical world of surface water engineering, and make it understandable to our clients, the judge and the “layman” jury.

No hired guns here.
If there’s problems or weaknesses with your case theory the best thing we can do for you as an expert consultant is to tell you so.

If the technical data backs your case, we will find it, analyze it, model it, report it, and present it with graphics that a judge and jury will understand.

WRCS covers an extensive range of hydrology-related issues, including but not limited to flooding and flood forensics, flood hydraulics, watershed hydrology, drowning hydraulics, storm drain systems, dam and reservoir operations, floodplain analysis and roadway drainage. Our experts bring a multifaceted understanding of hydrological phenomena to the table, ensuring that no nuance is overlooked in the pursuit of truth.

Meet Rick Van Bruggen

President WRCS

Mr. Van Bruggen, President of WRCS, has over 40 years of engineering experience specializing in the use of systems engineering and modeling techniques to define and evaluate surface water resource systems and alternative flood control measures.

He has performed hundreds of studies of surface water hydrologic and hydraulic systems, meteorology, sedimentation, debris production, and the management and statistical analysis of hydrographic data. For over 35 years now, Mr. Van Bruggen has made use of his extensive experience in water resources engineering by serving as an Expert Witness in the field.

Storm Drain Systems Analysis Expert Witness Consultant

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Storm Drain Systems Analysis Expert Witness Featured Cases

Provided trial testimony on behalf of plaintiffs in class action suit regarding two storm events and citywide flooding. Evaluation of city flood control standards and conformance to FEMA National Flood Insurance Program was conducted. XPSWMM model of entire municipal storm drain system utilized to determine potential causes of flooding. 

Client: Johnson, Janklow, Abdallah, Bollweg & Parsons LLP, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Provided Testimony in Jury Trial on Evaluation of Municipal Storm Drain System Improvements. Established design factors of a storm drain system improvement project which induced greater flooding of downstream residents than would have occurred prior to its completion. 

Client: Levasseur and Buckel, Cumberland, Maryland.

Testified in a bench trial on the factors involved in flooding that occurred in downtown Redding, The storm’s return frequency, the city storm drain system’s design level of protection, and the impacts of watershed development were all analyzed as they related to the level of flooding experienced at a downtown apartment complex.

Client: McNeill Law Offices, Redding, California.